Health for all Equity in healthcare

Health equity means everyone has a fair chance to achieve their best health. Health equity drives Medicare’s ACO REACH model to help the underserved and remove underlying causes that negatively impact their health. At ilumed, we focus on solving social determinants of health.

REMOVING BARRIERS What are social determinants of health?

Social determinants of health are those factors in our environment, relationships and lifestyle that influence our health outcomes. The conditions where we’re born, live, work, play and age play a big part in our health and well-being.

When someone doesn’t have enough nutritious food, a safe home, reliable transportation, enough money to cover basic needs or a support network, no amount of medicine or medical treatments will solve those problems. That’s why ilumed focuses on five key social determinants of health, as part of a holistic approach to care: food insecurity, housing insecurity, transportation, financial strain and loneliness/social isolation.

Promoting health equity through ACO REACH

Achieving health equity is a big job. Here’s how we’re making a difference one patient at a time.

  • Quality, affordable care for all

    Everyone deserves affordable, patient- centered care no matter where they live or what their circumstances are. Here’s how we make that happen.

    • Waived coinsurance for visits for those who meet criteria

    • Team-based care

    • Medical transportation

  • Community connections

    It takes a village to support widespread health and wellness. That’s why we partner with community-based resources to help do more good.

    • Food pantries

    • Utility assistance

    • Social connections

  • Addressing health disparities

    Health disparities occur across a broad range of dimensions from identity to socioeconomic status and beyond. We help providers use data to combat these with improved care.

    • Health equity intake assessment

    • At-risk patient identification

    • Wrap-around support services

Who we partner with

We work with local organizations across the country to connect our patients with essential services in their area. Here are a few of our national partnerships.

  • Pearl Mae Foundation

    Pearl Mae helps seniors with low incomes live with dignity. Two keystone programs help seniors struggling with food insecurity and financial strain. Pearl’s Pantry provides bi- weekly deliveries of fresh, healthy groceries to support nutrition. The Senior Grant Program provides direct cash assistance for urgent daily needs.

    Visit pearl mae foundation
  • Mom’s Meals

    Food as medicine. That’s why ilumed partners with Mom’s Meals® to deliver nutritious and delicious fully-prepared meals to patients’ homes. The service is available to patients facing food insecurity, financial strain, mobility issues and/or who need a special diet for a chronic condition like diabetes.

    Visit mom's meals
  • U.S. Hunger

    For patients who enjoy making their own food but may struggle to afford or find healthy ingredients near them, ilumed teamed up with U.S. Hunger to provide pantry staples and farm-fresh produce. Home delivery makes it even more convenient.

    Visit U.S. Hunger