Healthcare Consulting


Healing the Industry. Together.

The team behind ilumed has seen first-hand the kind of solutions that healthcare is missing. And we know how difficult it can be to create meaningful change while you’re focusing on meaningful work. We built this consultancy agency to fill these gaps for you.

ilumed works on healing the industry, so you can focus on healing the people.

Better holistic health systems lead to the best outcomes.

First-class patient healthcare drives everything we do. The result? A healthier world, for starters. Clients achieve high performance in every aspect of quality oversight including STARS, CAHPS, HEDIS and Encounters. And to top it all off, we help reduce costs and increase profits. ilumed is proactive, consistent, and committed. We’re just the partner you need.

It’s like a puzzle. We find the missing pieces and help you make them fit.

Realizing how to best integrate and optimize every component starts and ends with building solid relationships. It’s knowing where practices stand and guiding them to where they want to be. This full understanding helps us develop the ideal end-to-end process or assemble the right components of the continuum that make the most sense.


Four Key Pieces of the Puzzle.

  • Establish an empathetic, organizational culture where patients feel like priorities.
  • Review and accurately develop Medicare risk-adjustment scores.
  • Deliver pertinent data and analytics for purpose of Medicare risk adjustment and MACRA compliance.
  • Create and enhance operations for maximum compliance with Medicare Advantage and MACRA programs, including: facility networks, payment arrangements, integration of specialists, training, office operations, performance management, reimbursement documentation, reporting strategies and insurance company relations.