Better care happens when bright minds come together.

ilumed was built to enact change, which we can’t do alone. Our team of industry veterans is always looking to share the expertise, start the conversations and relay the research that’s going to heal healthcare.

When it comes to value-based care in healthcare, and being overall healthcare advocates for seniors, constant education is key. Our growing web of resources serves to cover everything ilumed touches in the industry—which, not to brag, is a lot.

We’ll cover the basics: what’s the difference in fee-for-service vs value-based care, and what exactly is the value-based care definition? How can patients find medicare doctors that follow the value-based care model and provide the best healthcare for seniors? What’s happening with at-home healthcare?

Lots of great questions. And ilumed loves questions.

Let’s also talk about the future of the industry. About healthcare data analytics, information technology solutions for healthcare, physician performance tools and all the exciting developments in healthcare administration and analytics that the ilumed team is fortunate enough to focus on.

We’ll share our latest findings on healthcare delivery systems. How do we best approach Medicare risk adjustment? More specifically, Medicare advantage risk adjustment? Again, researching these topics to find optimized healthcare solutions is what we’re all about. Questions lead to progress. And progress leads to a healthier world.