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When you work with ilumed, you get more than a paycheck—you get meaning. You’ll be part of a team transforming healthcare through technology, better care coordination and patient empowerment. Plus, you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with a team of people as passionate as you.

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Get the purpose you’ve been looking for at a company that’s driving the future of healthcare. At ilumed, you’ll be part of a bigger team writing a bigger story: creating simple solutions for a complicated industry. Be part of the change. Let’s heal healthcare together.

  • Social Workers

    ilumed social workers play a vital role in improving health equity for patients.
    Our licensed social workers help patients overcome barriers to care including food insecurity, housing instability, substance abuse and/or mental illness.

  • Case Managers

    Our case managers use evidence-based standards of care to empower patients with chronic conditions to take charge of their health. They educate patients about their conditions, encourage them to adhere to their treatments and provide a helping hand.

  • Member Outreach Specialist

    Member outreach specialists play a vital role in ilumed’s care delivery strategy, helping patients see their providers more frequently and especially after hospitalizations. They serve as the connective tissue between the provider and the patient, scheduling appointments, follow ups, rides and more.

  • Census Specialist

    ilumed’s census specialists help patients transition from the hospital either through step-down care at a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility or at home. The team targets population and provider group trends to provide better, more efficient care for patients that enhances their peace of mind and helps them maintain their long-term independence.

  • Provider Representatives

    ilumed provider representatives tee providers up for success in the ACO REACH model. Whether it’s training providers on policies, procedures or platforms or helping them adjust workflows and make operational improvements, our provider representatives serve as hands-on liaisons that help providers level up the quality of their care while enhancing their profitability. Your insights and support help providers pinpoint and support the most at-risk patients.

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