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Click below to download the lists of participating doctors that accept Medicare near you, or to see if your current provider is already on board. There are no joint ventures between ilumed and any of its Participating Providers or Preferred Providers and facilities.

ilumed's shared savings and distributions

Shared savings, also known as performance payments, are earned by using Medicare dollars wisely to deliver high-quality, value-based care. Shared savings are calculated and distributed at a group level.

  • Shared savings and shared losses

    Performance year 2022

  • Shared savings distribution: infrastructure

    Performance year 2022
    Proportion invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes and other resources: 30%

  • Shared savings distribution: providers

    Performance year 2022
    Proportion distributed to Participant Providers and Preferred Providers: 70%

Quality measure performance

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ACO REACH Administrative Leaders

  • Debra Finnel- ilumed, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brent Hood-ilumed, Chief Operating Officer
  • Frank Richter-ilumed, Chief Financial Officer
  • Philip Sprinkle-Akerman, Corporate Legal Council
  • Kate Vinez-ilumed, Senior Vice President of Compliance, Risk Management & Governmental Relations
  • Annette DiPiero-ilumed, Vice President of Human Resources

ACO REACH Key Clinical Leaders

  • Dr. David Priscal-ilumed, Chief Medical Officer
  • Stephanie Higginbotham-ilumed, Vice President of Clinical Services
  • Lisa Herrera-ilumed, Vice President of Case and Disease Management
  • Dr. Eric Weiner-MSPB, Associate Medical Director
  • Dr. Hymin Zucker-ilumed, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services

ACO REACH Governing Body*

  • Arvin Lewis-Space Coast Health Centers, Chief Executive Officer
  • Debra Finnel-ilumed, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jerry Plumlee-Retired, Consumer Advocate
  • Dr. William Simons-Retired, Medicare Beneficiary
  • Dr. Ammar Hemaiden-Town Center Medical Services, Participant Provider
  • Dr. Eric Weiner-MSPB, Participant Provider
  • Mr. Casey Waters-MSPB, Member Appointee
  • Deborah Azcuy-Retired, Beneficiary Representative
  • Dr. David Priscal-ilumed, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Joshua Crum-UMG, Participant Provider

*All current board members have voting rights

Primary Contact:
Toni Poggi, Executive Administrator