Meet the ilumed Team

Hardworking people dedicated to positive change.

ilumed set out to bring a new, refreshing perspective to an increasingly cloudy industry. We knew we needed a diverse collection of brains and backgrounds to make it happen. No two resumes are alike, but everyone has one thing in common: a deep passion for improving healthcare.

Debra A. Finnel

Chief Executive Officer

The Mastermind

Debra saw an opportunity to make an incredible impact in the industry she has devoted her life to. So, she created ilumed. Her 40-year resume is filled with important acronyms: COO of the publicly traded MSO Metropolitan Health Networks; EVP of the largest national MSO, Medical Care Consortium Inc (MCCI); and President of the AdvantageCare MA plan. Here, we simply call her the MVP.

Brenton R. Hood

Chief Operating Officer

The Visionary

Brenton takes the ilumed model to new heights. After serving as CEO at Your Home Advantage and Senior VP at Metcare, he brings an unwavering expertise in developing key long-term strategies while upholding a strong shareholder value.

Jorge Rodriguez

Chief Information Officer

The Techy

After 20 years of information technology experience, including CEO of AllTech IT Solutions, Jorge is not your average IT guy. With the latest solutions and tools, he keeps ilumed up to speed—and then faster.

Frank Richter

Chief Financial Officer

The Data Doc

Frank is an analytical wiz and the brains behind our care-management reporting. He translates myriad numbers into insights and real patient results that help us pioneer change in the industry.

Dr. David J. Priscal

Chief Medical Officer

The Top Doc
David was a no-brainer for Chief Medical Officer within the ilumed family. Because he does, in fact, have quite the brain; a matchless mind for innovative care strategies, cross-industry coordination and above all else, delivering the right care at the right time and right place. After decades in the biz, from white coat to white tie, David’s leadership is pivotal in keeping the mission dedicated to the patients we serve.

Steve Hojnacki

Executive Vice President of Strategic Development

The Fixer

A problem solver by nature, Steve knows how to spot opportunity and turn it in to reality. He builds better doctor-patient relationships at scale—market by market—crisscrossing the country to make it happen. A talent for adaptability led Steve from engineering sales to manufacturing imports/exports and eventually to value-based care. And it’s why he’s a phenomenal add to our team.

Marco Castillo

Executive VP of Operations

Captain Ops

ilumed is proud and incredibly thankful to have this U.S. Navy Veteran on our team. He was most recently Regional Director in charge of one of the largest MSO’s in the country, overseeing the entirety of the sunshine state. When it comes to healthcare operations here at ilumed, we know who’s in charge.

Tory Higginbotham

Sr. VP of Network Development

The Connector

ilumed promotes the kind of care that requires major coordination within the complex web of healthcare systems. After seven years in the healthcare space perfecting the ins and outs of system contracting and network management, Tory is the thread that weave the web together.

Philip Middleton

VP of Social Determinants of Health

The People Person

With 25 years in the biz and a few Ironman triathlons under his belt, Philip helps ilumed stay focused on what we’re all here for: the people. He finds new ways to reach a diverse audience and to build relationships that create better experiences for everyone. It’s no easy feat. But then again, neither is the Ironman.

Kate Vinez

SVP Compliance, Risk Management & Government Relations

The Enforcer

Kate keeps ilumed on the up and up by dotting our proverbial I’s and crossing our T’s at the local, state, and federal levels. She combs through audits and assessments with a patience and attention to detail found mostly in monasteries. Whether she’s crafting a government report or drafting a contract, Kate brings her signature mix of financial, insurance, and legal expertise to bear.

Bill Lane

EVP Network Development & Global Risk Contracting

The Provider Whisperer

It takes a keen eye—and an even sharper mind—to read between budget line items to uncover the underlying story of a provider network. Bill leans on a combination of analytics and people skills to help improve patient outcomes while lowering costs at scale. He melds high-level strategy with laser-focused risk assessment to help ilumed and its network of providers stay the course for both the long haul and the everyday.

Toni Poggi

Executive Administrator

The Backbone

Toni effortlessly keeps every gear turning and wheel spinning at ilumed, so the company has more time to focus on our clients. Don’t ask us how she does it, but we’re guessing it has something to do with two decades of experience.

Zach Finnel

Sr. VP of Business Development

The Builder

A true Floridian at home and at heart, Zach has put his Business Degree from University of Tampa to good use, working his way through many corners of the value-based care industry. His expertise helps ilumed to expand our reach and grow our mission. You know what they say—not all heroes wear capes.

Stephanie Higginbotham

SVP of Clinical Services

The Caremaster

Stephanie Higginbotham, RN BSN is an experienced clinical leader with over 20 years in healthcare. Focus was ensuring strategic goals and initiatives were achieved by implementing effective and efficient processes and procedures for operational areas as well as practitioners conducting annual wellness assessments in the field. Stephanie successfully led care and disease management teams that improved quality outcomes with members through direct patient care. She believes knowledge is power and strives to continually improve clinical and business strategy through budgeting, forecasting, and implementation of technology.

Shad Kreidler

VP of Member Outreach

The Communicator

As the communicator, I bridge the gap between patients and their healthcare team. By providing support to beneficiaries and their families in assisting with access to care and resources to help meet day-to-day needs. For the past five years, Shad has used his voice as a patient advocate to provide the best clinical outcome for patients.

Karima Zraouli

Senior Project Manager

The Trailblazer

When we say ilumed helps deliver better patient outcomes, it’s partly because we have Karima on our team. When it comes to Health Risk Assessments, preventative services and all of the innovations that are moving healthcare forward, Karima is a one-woman show. We’re glad she’s on our stage.