The healing power of data Patient-centered care driven by data

ilumed designed BrainStream, a web-based provider platform that leverages predictive artificial intelligence, to enhance patient experiences, foster provider/patient relationships and improve health outcomes. BrainStream gives you unprecedented access into your patients’ Medicare claims data nationwide. Actionable reports as well as key insights empower ACO REACH providers to elevate their care without raising costs.

What BrainStream can do for you

Today’s providers need new tools to care for an aging population with increasingly complex needs. BrainStream aggregates data from different sources to give you the information on patients, workflows and operations you and your team need to function at the highest level.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

    BrainStream doesn’t just give you numbers, it shows you insights and how to put them into action so you and your team can move quickly, especially when it matters most. That’s how we help you improve your ACO REACH quality measures.

    • Real-time admission and discharge alerts

    • Transparency for all clinical teams

    • Prescription and lab-results tracking

  • 360-degree patient scorecards

    With BrainStream, you get a holistic view of your patients across the Medicare system with a combined look at primary care, acute care, prescriptions and lab work. All Medicare claims data on every patient helps you proactively manage risk.

    • Everything you need in a single snapshot

    • Multiple scores help reduce unplanned admissions

    • Capture notes for more personalized care

  • User-friendly reports

    Essential details and performance indicators help you focus on delivering the right care at the right time and right place for every patient, every day.

    • Pinpoint gaps in care

    • Track patient and population trends

    • Identify high utilizers

Driven by science, focused on people

Data analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence in healthcare aren’t about replacing people, they’re about empowering them. With the right information, we know providers like you can deliver high- quality, patient-centered care.

Better data, better care

With ilumed and BrainStream, you have the information and the support you need to transform how you practice medicine and the impact you have on your patients.

  • Proactive, holistic patient insights

    BrainStream shows you a patient’s full Medicare claims data, including current claims and three years of historical data. How often they’ve seen their primary care provider. When and where they’ve been admitted to a hospital, skilled nursing facility or rehab center. Their full list of prescriptions and durable
    medical equipment.

  • Predictive analytics

    Artificial-intelligence modeling helps providers and clinical teams intervene with the right care before acute events occur.

  • Social determinants of health

    Using the health equity intake, ilumed’s team of social workers will determine which patients need support and deploy resources as needed to connect them to local and national services whether that’s bill-pay assistance, food donations or affordable housing.

  • Communications and outreach transparency

    Providers get full access to ilumed’s outreach team efforts and communications with patients. You’ll know who we’ve helped schedule appointments and rides with and that your patients are being well taken care of by our compassionate team who is always available.