How ilumed Helps Transform Provider Practices for the Better

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By Brent Hood, Chief Operating Officer

A changing healthcare landscape demands a new operational model. Ilumed can help your practice prep for the future.

Healthcare delivery for Medicare beneficiaries is at a crossroads. The traditional fee-for-service model burdens beneficiaries with navigating a complex system and increasingly complex health needs. The Medicare Advantage model puts process and procedure ahead of patients. But there’s a better way.

At ilumed, we’re dedicated to transforming Medicare care delivery by putting patients and their health outcomes first. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in the exam room, at beneficiaries’ kitchen tables, in healthcare administration and through big data to deliver care that goes beyond the clinical. Care that makes a difference in the lives of patients and the operations of providers. Here’s how.

Extending the reach of the provider

As the industry has become increasingly siloed, the breadth and depth of the provider/patient relationship has deteriorated. But ilumed helps providers bolster their patient relationships by extending the providers’ reach.

Patient outreach

At ilumed, we position ourselves to serve others. That means we’re here to support the providers we partner with and their patients. We help schedule appointments as well as transportation for patients so they can get access to care quickly and easily. We help educate them about medication adherence and lifestyle adjustments to help them better combat chronic conditions. We help connect them to community resources, whether that’s a food bank that delivers or utilities assistance. We make better health our business.

Case management

We support your patients wherever they are on their healthcare journeys, whether they need preventive care or at post-discharge. We help providers and patients facilitate hospital admissions and ensure providers see their patients within 72 hours of a hospital discharge to promote quick recovery. We help providers know which patients are spending more time in the hospital and why so we can help them take the right actions to mitigate overuse. We ensure that patients get the care and support they need when and where they need it most.

In-home outreach

We don’t just focus on the exam room. We understand that health happens everywhere, every day, especially at home. We help identify barriers to health, like food insecurity, transportation, financial wellness and loneliness/social isolation. We call patients at home and develop a deep and lasting rapport with them. We help them get the comprehensive, holistic care they need to live their healthiest and happiest at home and out in their communities.

Improved care access

Ilumed’s enhanced beneficiary services, such as scheduling assistance, transportation services and $0 primary care provider copays, ensure that beneficiaries have access to timely, convenient and affordable care. They have the support team they need to navigate a complex system and take ownership of their health. Our educational approach means we put the patient and their needs first. We aim to motivate and inspire them to find solutions that fit their lifestyles. Through it all, we put the primary care provider at the center of each patient’s healthcare.

Transparent, actionable data

ilumed’s patient data analytics platform, BrainStream, gives providers the data and insights they need to offer the best care possible. We help providers stratify patients by risk level, which means providers can be more targeted in both their care and communications. With ilumed, providers get more transparent and frequent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reports on a weekly or biweekly basis rather than by month or quarter.

We empower providers to take the right actions at the right time for their patients. We don’t ask you to do busywork or paperwork that doesn’t matter. Every report we give providers, every step we help you implement garners better patient health outcomes.

Value-based care: the future of Medicare delivery

CMS set a goal for all Medicare beneficiaries to transition to high-quality, coordinated, team-based care that promotes health by 2030. As a Medicare provider, the clock is ticking to transform your practice operations to this care model from traditional fee-for-service. Ilumed can not only help you make the transition, but we’ll also hold your hand the whole way.

A changing model means more equity

ilumed has worked as an Accountable Care Organization Realizing Access, Equity and Community Health entity with CMS since the program was announced. As an ACO REACH organization, ilumed works to better promote health equity for historically underserved beneficiaries by expanding the number of providers these beneficiaries have access to. ilumed is here to stay and so is value-based care. We can help more providers discover if ACO REACH is a good fit for them.

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