ilumed Recognizes Four Palm Beach Physicians for Providing Exemplary Patient Care

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Dr. Andrew Berkman, Dr. Earl Lysaker, Dr. Peter Schwartz, and Dr. Eric Weiner of Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches Honored for Commitment to Exceeding Patient Goals for Admissions per 1,000, Quarterly Visits, Readmission Rate, and 72-Hour Post-Discharge Visits

Palm Beach, Florida — June 13, 2023 — ilumed, a Medicare transformation company dedicated to assisting patients to achieve their healthiest lives by driving lower-cost, better-quality and more-equitable healthcare outcomes, today recognized four area physicians, all at Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches (MSPB), for their exemplary commitment to meeting and exceeding patient care treatment goals.

The four physicians all practice at MSPB,  the leading primary care-focused, multi-specialty physician group practice serving Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida for more than 25 years.  MSPB, with approximately 100 providers, spread across more than 35 offices, is a value-based care focused, integrated healthcare delivery system that offers primary care, cardiology, neurology, hematology/oncology, concierge medicine and laboratory services for more than 25 years. 

The four MSPB physicians were recognized for exceeding metrics including admissions per 1,000, quarterly visits, readmission rate, and 72-hour post-discharge visits.  The four physicians honored by ilumed are:

Dr. Earl Lysaker, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, began his medical career in the U.S. Navy where he served as a Corpsman for 2 years.  Dr. Lysaker believes that the scope of his practice is two-fold.  If there is a medical problem, he will address it promptly and efficiently – any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.  Secondly, Dr. Lysaker will create a roadmap to wellness. He will help prevent what is preventable and manage existing conditions with compassion and skill.

Dr. Andrew Berkman, who achieved his Doctor in Medicine right at the University of Miami School of Medicine, previously earned his Master’s in developmental psychology in 1997 at Tufts University.  He is the one to go to when it comes to health and wellness.

Dr. Peter Schwartz, who joined MSPB Primary Care team in 2012, is a primary care physician focusing on Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospital Medicine, Prevention Care as well as Performance and Quality Improvement.    He has won patient safety and ambulatory (outpatient) awards for best quality performance in hospital medicine and outpatient primary care work.  Dr. Schwartz has an interest in treating diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and chronic lung conditions.  He is a diagnostician with experience in the diagnosis of complex and rare conditions.

Dr. Eric Weiner, providing Primary Care support for his patients in Lake Worth since 1983, cares for patients using the skills and knowledge acquired from years of handling the most challenging diagnostic dilemmas in academic medicine, balanced with compassion and pragmatism.  Along the way, his penchant for unorthodoxy resulted in additional training in Homeopathy, and to this day spends his professional time trying to protect his patients from themselves, and the complexities of the medical system.

“These four are the very best of the best among our physicians serving our patients in Palm Beach and Broward Counties,” said Debra Finnel, CEO of ilumed. “Each shares our absolute, unwavering and unprecedented passion to deliver high-quality patient care through solutions and comprehensive strategies that address the immediate and chronic needs of Medicare patients in order to improve lives within the underserved senior community and every aspect of healthcare.  One patient at a time.”

ilumed, a leading value-based healthcare company founded by healthcare executives with more than 150 years of experience, works closely with payers, providers, and most importantly, patients to deliver the best possible care at the right time and right place, reducing costs and improving outcomes, instead of being compensated for the quantity of service, providers are paid based on the quality of health outcomes.

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ilumed is a Medicare transformation company, helping patients achieve their best, healthiest life by driving lower-cost, better-quality and more-equitable healthcare. As an alternative payment model for traditional fee-for-service Medicare, the company is at the cutting edge of evolving models to proactively focus care when and where it’s most needed, using cost savings and equitable reimbursement models to improve the patient and provider experience. Powered by a scalable, proprietary technology platform, ilumed makes population health a reality, stratifying and managing patient risk to identify preventative health opportunities, including tackling social determinants of health. A deeply experienced management team and strong financial foundation propel this next-generation healthcare company. For more information, visit

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