Keep Your Mind Sharp: Tips for Fighting Dementia and Alzheimer’s

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June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, a time to shine a light on the diseases that affect millions of Americans and their families. As you age, the thought of losing your ability to think clearly and remember important things can be frightening. But there's good news. There are steps you can take to actively combat these conditions and maintain a healthy brain. With the help of ilumed, you can take control of your brain health and enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Understanding the challenge

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are conditions that affect the brain, making it hard for people to remember things, think clearly, make decisions or even do everyday tasks. While these conditions might be more common as we get older, they are not a normal part of aging. That means we can take steps to fight back and keep our brains as healthy as possible.

ilumed: Your partner in brain health

At ilumed, we believe in being proactive about your health, and that includes your brain health. Here are some ways ilumed can support you in fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Regular check-ups with your doctor - Catching any changes early on is crucial. That's why we recommend meeting with your doctor once a quarter instead of just once a year. This frequent check-up schedule helps your doctor spot any early signs of cognitive decline, allowing for prompt action to address any issues.
  • Hassle-free transportation and appointment scheduling - Worried about driving or remembering appointment dates? ilumed takes on transportation and appointment scheduling for you. This service ensures you never miss a check-up and takes one thing off your mind, which is especially helpful if you don’t drive, are worried about driving or can’t always find reliable transportation.
  • Tailored treatment plans and lifestyle adjustments - Did you know that some chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, have been linked to cognitive impairment? Our case managers work closely with you to develop specific treatment plans and lifestyle adjustments tailored to your needs. Whether you want to manage your high blood pressure, stick to a low-salt-diet plan or just talk to someone about your progress, we're here to help.
  • Adopting healthier habits - We know that small changes can make a big difference. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), healthy behaviors might reduce risk of cognitive decline. With ilumed's support, you can adopt healthier habits like reducing alcohol consumption, stopping smoking, getting more active and ensuring you get plenty of sleep. These lifestyle changes are key to maintaining good brain health. Your advocate can help you keep track of your progress and provide the encouragement and motivation you need to live your healthiest life.
  • Connecting with community resources - ilumed's social workers are here to connect you to community resources that can support your journey. Whether it's joining a support group like AA or getting involved in community engagement services at senior centers and social groups, staying connected is essential for your mental and emotional well-being.

Simple steps you can take today

In addition to the support you receive from ilumed’s care team, there are also simple things you can do every day to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s:

  • Stay active—Regular physical activity increases blood flow to your entire body, including your brain. This can help keep your memory sharp.
  • Eat a brain-healthy diet—Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins can help protect your brain. Think of colorful fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts and olive oil. Having trouble stocking your pantry with healthy foods? Your ilumed advocate can connect you to our partner programs like Mom’s Meals, the Pearl Mae Foundation or U.S. Hunger for help.
  • Keep your mind engagedLearning a new language, doing puzzles, reading or even playing certain types of games can stimulate your brain and keep it sharp.
  • Stay social—Engaging with friends, family and your community can help reduce the risk of dementia by keeping your mind active and reducing stress. Talk to your ilumed advocate about how you can stay socially connected.

ilumed: Here to help

Remember, you're not alone in this fight. ilumed is dedicated to helping you maintain your brain health and overall well-being. By working together, we can take proactive steps to combat dementia and Alzheimer’s, ensuring you enjoy a quality of life filled with joy, engagement and vitality.

Fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s is not just about medical treatment; it’s about creating a lifestyle that supports brain health. ilumed is here to support you in every step of this journey. Together, we can make a difference in your life and the lives of those around us.

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